Oil & Gas Sector

At KPB, we recognize that the Oil & Gas industry is constantly transforming along with the growing global demand for energy. We can support your upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas activities at every point of the project lifecycle, anywhere in the world, from minor installations to multi-phase mega projects. We maintain our commitment to our clients across a broad range of services, including strategic consulting,
technical leadership, programme and project management, planning, multidisciplinary engineering and design, construction management, environmental, and operational support, to address client issues of any size or complexity, optimise operations and processes, and improve the valorization of assets.

This is why our customers, oil and gas developers, producers, transporter and storage facilities, network
operators, investors, asset managers, national governmental agencies and industry regulators, often turn to us for advice and holistic solutions.

You can also draw on a wealth of industry know-how from our engineering, process consulting, water management, project delivery, technical and HSE networks, across Africa, Australia, Latin America, the United
Kingdom and the United States with our Oil & Gas expertise centralised in Canada.